About Hub3 Chartered Accountants

"meet our friendly, approachable and multi-skilled team" - Lesley, Louise, Claire, Charla and Richard

We are Chartered Accountants with over 25 years experience in both industry and practice. We believe that our industry/commercial knowledge enables us to better understand the complexities of running a business and therefore helps us to give our clients relevant and practical advice that really works.

We are very proactive and are constantly looking at ways to improve our clients' profitability through recommended changes to business methods or through tax planning advice. By providing you with monthly or quarterly accounts you know exactly how well your business is performing on a regular basis and you can use this information to make informed decisions about future developments.

Our staff have significant experience of managerial positions within a number of industry sectors and you can take advantage of this experience for your business.

With Hub3 you could be getting the benefit of a Bookkeeper, Payroll Specialist , Management, Accountant, Finance Director and Tax advisor all for a fixed monthly or annual fee.

No Hidden Costs

All our fees are agreed in advance and there is no extra charge for telephone support during the year.

Our philosophy is that we are there to help and we do not want to discourage you from calling if you need our help or advice.

ICO registration number A8229841.

Kevin - Hub3 Financial Planning